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Meet the designer: Michele Dickstein Bass

Michele has been designing interiors for over 30 years, sketching concepts & creating spaces with an innate focus on color, texture and design elements. Verbally and visually she conveys a complete vision for her clients. 


Michele offers a plethora of options within a defined budget, space and style. She creates original interiors with elegance and precision. Each endeavor is special, as it reflects you, your personality, your style and your interests. 

Distinctive Designs has been flourishing as a result of Michele's personal connection with her clients. Michele creates a cohesive relationship with warmth and vision for all her clientele.

Since the inception of Distinctive Designs, her reach has included New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida.


Embark on your own interior journey by contacting Michele with Distinctive Designs for all your decorating needs.

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